Thorough Slab Leak Repair

Wooden Flooring Damaged by Moisture

Long-Term Slab Leaks May Seep Into the Floors, Causing Terrible Moisture Damage.

What is a slab leak? This type of leak occurs when shifting ground, aging piping, or another unforeseen force causes your pipes located beneath your foundation slab to rupture. It’s ugly business, leading to extensive water waste and a multitude of secondary damages that could cost you thousands of dollars to repair (if you aren’t careful). This is a long-term phenomenon that can go unnoticed for months unless you know what signs to look for.

If you’re concerned about a possible slab leak beneath your home, our team at Patriot Plumbing Service Inc. would be happy to examine your plumbing and ensure that your home is safe. To get started, give us a call at 254-246-7913 and ask for your Copperas Cove & Killeen, TX slab leak repair. Our experienced plumbing professional will examine your plumbing system and find the leaking pipe, then provide you with cost-effective solutions to fix the problem!

Consequences of a Slab Leak

The most serious implications can take ages to notice. That’s because slab leaks occur underground, just beneath the foundation concrete where pipes feed into the house. Water dissipates into the ground, but it also flows into the foundation itself. As the moisture infiltrates existing cracks, it speeds the degradation of the slab.

That’s bad news by itself. Even new homeowners know that your foundation protects the property from terrible structural damage. However, advanced slab leaks may even direct water through the ground and into the floors. In the worst case scenarios, water begins to pool into the flooring, facilitating mold and mildew growth. By this point, both plumbing repairs and restoration services will be necessary.

Slab Leak Symptoms

In the face of all this horrible damage, what can homeowners do to prevent it? Knowing the signs of a slab leak is the first step in prevention.

Common slab leak signs include:

  • Pooling water in the floors or next to the foundation
  • Unexplained spikes in your water bill
  • Long-term reduction in water pressure
  • Mold and/or mildew growth in the floors
  • Unusual energy consumption in your water heater

The two symptoms most likely to pop up first are the elevated water bill and the reduced water pressure. When both of these signs pop up at the same time, it’s almost always the result of a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. This is the time to schedule a plumbing inspection and get to the bottom of the issue, long before more serious symptoms start to rise up. 

If your water bill has started to spike without explanation, especially in conjunction with a pressure drop, talk with a plumbing repair expert at 254-246-7913. We’ll get to work on your slab leak repair in Copperas Cove & Killeen, TX (or any nearby community). The faster we get started on fixing your leak, the more secondary damage you’ll get to avoid.

Slab Leak Detection

Small Water Leak Coming Out of Concrete Crack

Water Seeping Out of Cracks in the Slab is a Sure Sign of Underlying Moisture Problems.

Finding your slab leak is a cooperative effort between your family and our plumbing professional. One of the easiest ways to confirm the presence of a leak is to turn off all your water appliances, then check your water meter. Does the meter show water is still flowing? If you don’t see any movement on the reading, try checking back in 30 minutes. If you still don’t see any change, either one of your appliances is at fault or there is no leak.

On the other hand, if your meter shows a continual flow of water after all your appliances have been turned off, you have a serious leak. Try walking through the house and listening for running water. Outside, keep your eyes open for pools of water or unexpected around the house. Soft spots further out in the yard indicate an issue with your main water line or your sewer line.

Talk with a trusted plumber about your options for slab leak detection. Our team at Patriot Plumbing Service Inc. has the necessary tools and equipment to locate and fix the damaged pipes. If there is a leak beneath your house, you’ll want to get started on repairs as soon as possible.

Slab Leak Repair Options

There are three general solutions to repairing a slab leak, though your specific options will depend on the situation beneath your slab. These repair options include:

  • Repiping
  • Rerouting
  • Relining

Repiping is usually reserved for plumbing systems with multiple points of pipe damage. It’s the most demanding of the three options, requiring trenching beneath the house or digging into the floors and underlying concrete. The affected piping is then replaced to restore the system.

Rerouting is a less invasive option, though it’s not available for everyone. A new section of pipe is installed above ground, and water is diverted away from your damaged piping.

Relining involves cutting holes in two specific spots in your piping, then inserting material into the section. This material serves as a new lining for that area of piping, preventing water from seeping out into the surrounding area.

Schedule Your Slab Leak Repair Today!

No matter what solution best fits your needs, you’ll need a reliable plumbing expert to perform the repair work. For all your Copperas Cove & Killeen, TX slab leak repair needs, come to our team at Patriot Plumbing Service Inc.! We’ll start with a careful inspection of your plumbing system to locate the leak, then provide you with your best repair options. To get started on your plumbing relief, call us today at 254-246-7913.