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A Modern Stainless Steel Faucet

Even Modern Faucets May Suffer From Leaks. Talk With an Expert Plumber for Assistance!

At the very least, a leaky faucet is an irritating waste of money. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, “A leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year.That’s the equivalent of over 100 baths or 180 showers! In an era of rising city populations, that sort of widespread waste can take a toll on the community’s water supply. That’s why it’s important for each of us to do our part in conserving water and eliminating waste.

At Patriot Plumbing Service Inc., we supply very affordable solutions for fixing your damaged faucets. Our team has already provided countless local homeowners with the plumbing repairs they need to cut down on water waste. If your family wants lasting results for your Copperas Cove & Killeen, TX faucet repair, talk with a member of our courteous staff and schedule your convenient appointment. Let’s get started finding your solution today! Call us at 254-246-7913.

Professional Faucet Services

We offer repairs for fixtures throughout the property, both for homeowners and for businesses. Below are just some of the many solutions we provide at Patriot Plumbing Service Inc.. Be sure to contact our office with any additional questions or concerns you may have!

Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Faucet Repair

Nobody likes it when water spills seep onto the kitchen countertop. This is especially problematic for porous countertop materials like granite and marble, as standing water is absorbed by the stone surface. The resulting stains can be difficult (and expensive) to fix. Even if your countertops have been treated for water resistance, it’s still important to avoid unnecessary risk.

Lost water is another factor to consider with these leaks. While the water waste may seem minor each time you use the faucet, the total losses over the course of a year can be substantial. Worse yet is the icky moisture that starts to grow if the water slips beneath the sink. If you’d like to avoid these frustrations, talk with one of our friendly plumbers about scheduling a repair visit.


Bathtub Faucet Repair

Of all the places to have a faucet leak, the bathtub could be the worst. This is especially true for fixtures situated inside walls. When water leaks behind the wall, the problem can go unnoticed for weeks, even months. This offers ample time for mildew and mold spores to grow and reproduce, which could mean costly restoration expenses down the road.

Bathtub faucets deteriorate with age, which makes them more susceptible to dripping. As we mentioned earlier, even small dripping problems mean consider water loss in the long term. That means more expensive water bills for your family. While aging fixtures may simply require replacement, many homeowners can save money by schedule faucet repair.


Shower Faucet Repair

An area where leaks are clearly visible, shower faucets are still too often neglected by homeowners. Again, constant dripping leads to significant water loss if left alone for too long. Leaking can also result in reduced functionality for your showerhead, which takes some of the joy out of your pleasant morning (or evening) shower. Any plumber worth their salt can address the damage and supply lasting results with shower faucet repair.


Outdoor Faucet Repair

Also known as hose bibs, outdoor faucets supply convenient water access so that you can care for your yard, bushes, and garden. Unfortunately, outdoor faucets are often the most neglected fixtures in residential properties. Daily wear, ultraviolet sunlight, rusting, and other hazards slowly degrade these faucets over time. The resulting damage can be just as costly as other faucet problems if left alone for too long.

With proper faucet repair from our team at Patriot Plumbing Service Inc., your hose bibs can continue to provide helpful service for your every day watering needs. To learn more about these fixtures, or to schedule a faucet repair appointment, give our team a call!

Side-Effects of Damaged Faucets

Leaks & Incessant Dripping Lead to Costly Water Waste. Make Sure to Schedule Repairs Quickly!

Adjusting your faucet doesn’t have to be a complicated project. In fact, our experienced plumbers can usually repair the damage in no time! That being said, it’s still crucial to address the issue as quickly as possible to avoid secondary water damage.

When water seeps beneath your sink or behind the walls, it creates an environment that’s ideal for mold and mildew growth. As the elevated moisture continues, stains and mold spores can spread in the affected area. You may even start to feel side-effects to your health, including allergic responses and respiratory irritation. The problem only becomes more difficult and expensive to address over time.

Schedule Your Faucet Repair Today!

All these problems can be prevented with timely leaky faucet repair. If you’re a fan of saving money, time, and energy with preventative maintenance, talk with our experienced team at Patriot Plumbing Service Inc.! We’ll work to schedule your personal appointment at a time that fits with your routine. Once your personal plumber has thoroughly examined the affected area, they’ll offer you a short list of your most cost-effective options.

Whatever your decision may be, you can count on us for support! Give our team a call today at 254-246-7913 to schedule your faucet repair in Copperas Cove & Killeen, TX or a nearby city. Feel free to check out our local reviews to see what other homeowners and businesses have to say about us! If the fixture has busted and is spilling water onto the floors or into the walls, be sure to shut off its water supply and dial us for emergency repairs.