Damaged Drain Repair

A Plumber Examines Under the Sink and Takes Notes

Repairing Leaky Drain Pipes is Essential. Waiting Too Long May Allow Mold Spores to Grow.

Long term corrosion, harmful chemicals, and aggressive clogs can cause quite a bit of damage in your home’s drainage system. Many homeowners are intimately acquainted with how their home is supply water, but they also forget the important task of disposing of it after use. As drain pipes become more and more worn, the likelihood of some disastrous leak or pipe rupture increases. When the day finally does arrive, you’ll want professional drain pipe repair provided as quickly as possible to prevent excessive water damage.

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How Drain Damage is Caused

Advanced Blockage

There are a multitude of sources for drain damage. One of the most common that we see at Patriot Plumbing Service Inc. is concentrated hard water content. Mineral, silt, and dirt deposits can adhere to the side of your pipes, constricting the flow of waste water. Eventually, the pipe may become entirely clogged. Food particles and unflushable objects can have a similar effect, but with much faster effect.

As the blockage becomes more advanced, pressure gradually escalates until one of two outcomes (or both) occur: pipe failure or sewer backflow. Both can have devastating consequences for your flooring, walls, and floor cabinets. Thankfully, these terrible home hazards are avoidable with timely drain cleaning.

Corroded Pipes

Corrosion is a powerful force that slowly eats away at any material. While some metals (and plastics) are more resilient against this degradation, your pipes are vulnerable. That’s why we constantly advise homeowners against using harsh chemical cleaners to eliminate clogs. While the stronger cleaner eventually burns a whole through the clog, the corrosive chemicals also eats away at the inside of your pipes. This could lead to tub drain repair down the road.

Rust is another potent hazard that can affect your drain pipes. While it might not act as quickly as the harsh chemical cleaners from the hardware store, rust can slowly spread to affect your whole plumbing system. If you’re encountering rust flakes in your appliances or waste water, be sure to talk to a drain plumber at 254-246-7913.  If need, we can schedule prompt drain repair in Copperas Cove & Killeen, TX or a nearby city.

Preserving Your Drains

Before Sink Drain Repair, You Might Try a Plunger. Make Sure to Add Water for Better Results.

Much of the damage to your plumbing system can be avoided with some basic maintenance. Of course, there’s the traditional plunging to remove light clogs in from your drains. For the best results, make sure you cover the plunger in water after you’ve placed it over the drain you’re about to service. There’s another popular home remedy that involves baking soda, hot water, and vinegar.

For tougher clogs you can try a drain auger from your local Lowers or Home Depot, but you need to be careful not to damage your drains by accident. If you don’t feel comfortable operating that sort of equipment, talk with a licensed plumber at Patriot Plumbing Service Inc.. Our experts would love to provide professional assistance for your family. Drain jetting service provides long lasting results for your pipes, wiping away the sludge that allows these clogs to form.

Importance of Timely Drain Repair

We cannot stress enough the importance of repairing pipe damage in a timely manner. Leaky pipes, given time, can lead to escalating moisture levels. If a leak occurs within the walls or another isolated area within the house, it could go undiscovered for months. Besides the obvious water waste, this exposes your home to potential mold and mildew growth, which can cost hundreds (even thousands) of dollars to remove.

If a little bathtub drain repair is all it takes to avoid that damage, it’s certainly worth the cost. We’ll work to ensure that your family receives the most cost-effective solutions available. The sooner we can get started, the lower the chance of a serious leak.

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