Drain Clog Removal

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Stubborn Clogs Can Be Challenging to Beat Alone. Contact Our Team for Cleaning That Provides Lasting Results.

We often see a clogged bathroom sink as nothing more than an inconvenience, but the consequences of an impacted pipe can be quite serious. Clogged pipes, no matter where they are located, can lead to reduced performance for your water appliances, unbalanced water pressure, and even expensive repair costs. That’s why timely drain cleaning service is so important!

If your home is experiencing drainage issues, give our team a call at 254-246-7913 and tell us all about your clogged drain in Copperas Cove & Killeen, TX! One of our licensed plumbers will examine the blockage, whether it be a tub or a clogged sewer, and offer you a cost-effective solution to fix the problem. At Patriot Plumbing Service Inc., we’ve provided countless homeowners with lasting results and much needed relief. See what local homeowners and businesses have to say about our services in our reviews section!

Danger of Clogged Pipes

There are dozens of plumbing hazards that can lead to a clogged drain pipe. For many homeowners, the typical response to this blockage is to simply wait it out, or worse, utilize corrosive cleaning products. Delayed response only ensures that the clog will grow in size and thickness. Corrosive cleaning solutions (from the local market) can provide temporary relief, but they eat away at the insides of your piping.

What are the potential results for your plumbing system?

  • Intense outward pressure on the inside of your pipes
  • Reduced draining capabilities
  • Backflow incidents
  • Unpleasant smells from trapped waste water
  • Interior corrosion and accelerated pipe failure
  • Minor to major pipe leaks

Your pipes cycle water throughout the house. When a section is impacted by blockage, pressure steadily grows as the water squeezes through the affected area. Eventually, the force may become to severe for your piping, causing a rupture to release some of the pent of pressure. You’ll have to call a plumber for clogged drain repair at that point.

Below, we’ll break down some of the primary locations for blockage incidents. We’ll talk about some of the usual suspects of these clogs, and what you can do to protect your home. Be sure to call our team at 254-246-7913 if you have any questions about Copperas Cove & Killeen, TX clogged drain issues.


Clogged Sewer Pipe

A Bathtub Dirtied by Waste Water Backflow

A Clogged Sewer Line May Cause Waste Water to Flow Backwards into Your Tub, Sink, or Toilet.

The most dangerous forms of blockage occur in the sewer line. The sewer line, of course, is responsible for directing waste into the city line or a septic tank. However, this piping may become obstructed from mineral deposits, tree roots, or dirt. Our team encounters a few incidence caused by flushing unsafe materials down the toilet. Make sure you only reserve the toilet for flushing human waste and toilet paper. Even if a product is listed as “flushable”, few items truly are.

A clogged sewer line can lead to disastrous consequences. The resulting leaks can cause pungent waste water to bubble up to the surface of your yard, which is very dangerous for your plants and animals. While the damage can be mended without trenching (sometimes), repairs may still be costly. If your home has experienced hard water issues in the past, a water softener may be your most cost-effective solution for preventing this blockage. Whatever the source of the issue may be, there’s a chance that your plumber will have to complete some sectional repiping.

Clogged Shower Drain (and Tub)

Blocked drains are a headache wherever they arise. A clogged bathtub and/or shower drain can certainly lead to some irritating challenges. While minor blockage can be cleaned away with baking soda, hot water, and vinegar, fully-developed clogs are going to need a more involved cleaning. Remember to steer clear of corrosive store-brand cleaners, which may provide temporary relief but too often frustrate the problem later on.

Hair, hair products, oils, dirt, and other particles have a bad tendency to create terrible clogs. With a clogged sink, you can always go under the counter and tackle the pipe directly. But shower drain pipes are more difficult to reach if you don’t have the appropriate equipment. That’s why it’s important you contact our team at 254-246-7913 if you need assistance. We can have that clogged shower drain fixed in no time, with lasting results.

Clogged Sink Drain

Young Woman Frustrated with Plunging the Kitchen Sink

When You Need Assistance With a Frustrating Clog, Contact Us for Helpful Cleaning Service!

When most people think of blockages, their minds instantly go to the clogged kitchen sink. A worn disposal or a deep concentration of sediment can cause unpleasant smells. There’s also your bathroom sink, which handles all sorts of grooming products, oils, and grime. Wherever the clog may be, you can rely on our team to address the blockage and any secondary challenges for your plumbing system.

Schedule Your Clogged Drain Service!

With timely cleaning service from our clogged drain plumbers, we can prevent the vast majority of blockage-related damage to your plumbing system. Your home will enjoy unobstructed water flow, normalized pressure, and reduced instances of nasty backflow. If your home has been impacted by a clogged drain in Copperas Cove & Killeen, TX, contact our office and arrange an appointment that’s convenient for your schedule! You can talk with an experienced plumber today at 254-246-7913.

If you’re noticing leaks around the clogged drain pipe or sewer line, be sure to contact our team right away for leaking pipe repair