Garbage Disposal Repair

Affordable Garbage Disposal Repair

There are Several Potential Causes for Leaks Around the Disposal, Including Loose Connections.

The garbage disposal is a miracle worker in the kitchen. Think of all the serious clogs your kitchen sink would have suffered from over the years if the disposal wasn’t there to assist you! This hardy piece of machinery can hold its own for the majority of its lifetime, but sometimes it needs a little help. That’s why our team at Patriot Plumbing Service Inc. provides affordable installation and garbage disposal repair in Copperas Cove & Killeen, TX.

If your kitchen sink has been impacted by a disposal problem, talk with our licensed and experienced plumbers about finding a solution! We’ll start with an in-depth checkup for your system, identifying the source of the issue and prescribing cost-effective options for dealing with it. Afterward, you’ll be able to make an informed decision that best fits with your budget and family needs. If you’re ready to get started on finding the answer for your home, give our team a call today at (254) 637-0836.

Common Garbage Disposal Issues

Below are some of the many problems that can affect even the toughest of garbage disposals. If you recognize one, talk with a member of our courteous team at Patriot Plumbing Service Inc., and we’ll see about finding a fast, lasting solution for you!

Leaking Garbage Disposal Repair

There a variety of malfunctions that can create a leak in and around your garbage disposal. It could be a matter of a leaky pipe connection, or the disposal itself could be the source. Try determining the location of the leak first. The usual suspects are the discharge drainpipe, the rubber hose that branches the disposal to the dishwasher, and the sink flange.

If the water is flowing from the flange or discharge pipe, examine the connecting bolts and make sure that they are properly tightened. Should all the bolts be tight and the leak still occurs, you likely have worn parts in need of replacement. Talk with our plumbers about getting some assistance. Perform the same check for the dishwasher rubber hose clamp.

Jammed Disposal

With the myriad of food objects processed in the sink, it’s no surprise that some of these objects can get jammed in the garbage disposal. While some of these items can be dislodged with pliers, more stubborn objects may need some additional help. Our courteous plumbers would be happy to help remove the problem from your sink.

How do you know if the disposal is truly jammed? The easiest way to spot blockage is by looking with a flashlight. Be sure to never place your hand in the disposal, as this could result in serious injury! You’ll also hear a humming noise that indicates the blades can’t turn freely. Finally, if you’ll check under the sink at the disposal unit, the reset button will likely have tripped.

Waste Water Backflow

This could be one of two potential problems. If your garbage disposal is still running effectively and you’re still seeing backflow, the issue lies with a clog in the drain pipe. The blockage could be just below the disposal, or it could be all the way down in the sewer line. You can attempt to clear out the blockage yourself with a plunger, but avoid using corrosive chemical cleaners. These may open a hole in the clog, but they also eat away at the inside of your pipes.

If the blockage is occurring because your garbage disposal isn’t functioning properly, search for signs of a jam or a tripped circuit. Still can’t find the issue? Call our professional plumbers and schedule an inspection for your disposal.

Garbage Disposal Won’t Activate

This is actually one of the most common problems had with garbage disposals. Assuming the unit is plugged in, it’s possible that the disposal has tripped a circuit breaker. Now there are two potential breakers that can be affected. There’s the main panel, of course, where you can easily check if the lever has popped to the off position. Then there’s the reset button in the unit itself, that acts as a breaker. When the red button has popped outward, simply press the button to reset the unit.

That’s usually the end of the matter, though there could be a more serious wiring issue if the unit still won’t activate. If you can eliminate wiring at the circuit panel, it’s probably time to replace the garbage disposal. Our knowledgeable plumbing professionals can help you with the replacement process.

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Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Is it Time for Garbage Disposal Repair? Talk With a Plumber About Scheduling a Service Call!

These days, the average garbage disposal can function up to 15 years. Even the sturdiest units eventually need replacement. When that day comes for your home, our seasoned plumbers would be happy to replace your garbage disposal. If you aren’t sure what type of replacement would work best for your home, we can suggest a few cost-effective options that fit with your budget and functional needs.

When you’re ready to schedule an appointment for your disposal, or if you’d like to learn more about our garbage disposal repair in Copperas Cove & Killeen, TX, give us a call! We’ll work to arrange a time that fits with your timetable. Contact us today at (254) 637-0836.

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